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  • The Beginning

    From day one, BAM gets you onboard quickly and efficiently.

    Your onboarding team catches you up to speed and guides you through our entire time-tested conversion process. We immediately implement all programs, including systems integration, billing set up and investment analysis resources. We introduce you to the intellectual capital available in your new community by walking you through our content library, marketing materials and acclimating you to a network of your peers.

    Your client service team provides day-to-day operations support, sets up a custodian platform, offers on-going web system training, and creates a checklist for firm maintenance.

    BAM also handles every detail of back end support, including, setting up web accounts, registering your team for BAM Professional Development courses and guides you through a comprehensive learning program to identify other areas of potential growth.

  • Mapping Your Course

    After your firm is set up with all of our services, your Relationship Management team continues working side-by-side with you to make steady progress and help incorporate new resources targeted to your firm’s goals. We also set up a quarterly report system to keep track of your progress. Leveraging all of these tools together helps you produce steady, stable growth.

    But the real value of BAM comes from sitting down with your team face-to-face and planning where you and your clients want to go. We guide you through every phase of your business, including establishing yourself in the industry, firm growth, and attracting larger clients. BAM meets with your team to establish milestones, recognize potential obstacles and share the knowledge we’ve gained from our years in the industry, so you can set goals for your organization, and we can help you achieve them.

  • Finding Success and Building On It

    The successful wealth strategy practices developed by BAM provide solutions to advisors that help increase their client base, assets under management and firm revenue.

    The hardest part of being on top is staying on top. BAM delivers insights into industry trends from our investment analysis team and national thought leaders so you stay ahead of your competition. We keep your staff trained on all the most current practices with professional development opportunities and continuously work with them to make sure your success translates across your entire organization. We also help you communicate with firms in the BAM ALLIANCE to discover successful practices to implement as your firm continues to change and grow.

  • Tackling Transitions

    Whether it’s a merger, an acquisition, or simply stepping away from the business during retirement or a career change, many advisors eventually come to a professional crossroad where they would benefit from experienced guidance and perspective.

    BAM has facilitated numerous successful transitions for firms and will be with you every step of the way, from starting the process, to creating a blueprint, to closing the deal. Our experience guiding firms through successions allows us to help you identify opportunities and navigate the complexities associated with the transition process.

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