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Structure, Leadership and Culture: BAM Advisor Services Is Poised to Serve in 2015

To those who embrace its possibilities, evolution brings with it a sense of energy and enthusiasm. So it goes at BAM Advisor Services, where this January ushered in an evolution of leadership and exciting additions to our talented team. For the advisors we serve, these changes represent our continued commitment to helping them deliver a wealth management experience that exceeds their clients’ expectations. For our team, it provides the opportunity to affirm our reputation as a leader in our industry.

Leading the way is CEO Adam Birenbaum, who asserts, “Every decision we make is to position BAM Advisor Services as a forward-thinking organization where talented professionals collaborate and thrive to better serve our member firms and their clients.”

Joining Adam in leading BAM Advisor Services in 2015 are familiar faces who will assume new roles. Jeff Remming has been named president of BAM Advisor Services and Al Sears has been named chief operating officer of the Buckingham Family of Financial Services, which now manages or administers $24.7 billion (as of December 31, 2014). Along with their fellow members of the firm’s board of managers and executive and operating committees, this group will chart our mission and course for 2015 and beyond.

In his new role, Jeff leads the firm’s turn-key wealth management partnership offering, which delivers an array of value-added solutions and services to 140 like-minded firms across the country, known collectively as The BAM ALLIANCE. BAM Advisor Services’ comprehensive service platform today helps BAM ALLIANCE member firms deliver true wealth management to more than 18,000 clients.

Jeff is firmly committed to continually strengthening the community of wealth advisors who share his devotion to helping clients achieve their most important goals. His ability to bring new offerings and services to market helps BAM Advisor Services stay ahead of the curve and deliver new, innovative solutions to its member firms.

After more than a decade of service in a variety of leadership roles, including as president of BAM Advisor Services, where he directed the strategic growth of The BAM ALLIANCE, Al will continue to guide a broad and diverse team of professionals in his new and more expansive role, as well as through his positions on the firm’s operating committee and board of managers.

As chief operating officer, Al will directly oversee the organization’s core group of services, including fixed income and investment analysis, professional and practice development, technology, information and data services, client service, and marketing.

In addition to familiar faces, BAM Advisor Services also will welcome a new voice to its community. Nationally known writer and speaker Manisha Thakor has been named Director of Wealth Strategies for Women for The BAM ALLIANCE. In her new role, Manisha will focus her energies and experience by leading the effort to address the perspectives of women investors and the role they play safeguarding the financial futures of themselves and their families. She is also positioned to help guide advisors at BAM ALLIANCE member firms in working more effectively with women clients. Manisha is co-author of two critically acclaimed personal finance books, and her financial advice has been featured in a wide range of national media outlets, including CNN, PBS, NPR, NBC’s Today show, The New York Times, Real Simple and Glamour. Prior to joining BAM Advisor Services, Manisha spent 20 years in financial services, first on the institutional side and then running her own Registered Investment Advisor firm, MoneyZen Wealth Management.

For all of us, the new year offers the excitement of a fresh start. Since BAM Advisor Services has never been a firm to rely on past success as an indicator of future success, we couldn’t be more excited about the new opportunities that lie ahead to better serve our clients. As a firm, we will expand our ability to lead the charge in consumer education and awareness, and always do the right thing on behalf of our clients.

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