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Lessons from Guiding Blind Triathletes

I learned some valuable lessons during my days as a trial lawyer in New York City. I remember giving a closing statement early in my career in a complex commercial case. At the end of it, I asked the jury to find in favor of my client and to award that client significant damages.

A far more experienced lawyer happened to be in the courtroom, waiting for his case to be called. He came up to me as I was leaving for the day and gave me this advice, which I still remember vividly: “If you show them, you don’t have to tell them.”

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Dan Solin

Director of Investor Advocacy

In his role as Director of Investor Advocacy for BAM Advisor Services, Dan Solin travels the country educating advisors and clients alike about changing their lives for the better. He draws on his experiences as an attorney and a wealth advisor to help others make smarter decisions about their money and rest easier at night.

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