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Mark Tonopolsky

Mark Tonopolsky

Trading and Operations Specialist

A natural ability to easily understand and work with numbers puts Mark Tonopolsky right at home in the fast-paced and team atmosphere of BAM Advisor Service’s fixed income trading desk. Still, he understands the value of providing a simple yet actionable response when advisors approach him with a complex question.

As a Trading and Operations Specialist, Mark helps field a wide variety of trading-related inquiries from advisors and works to deliver timely and effective solutions. He also receives and reviews trade orders, ensuring efficient and accurate transmission to account custodians.

In addition, Mark acts as a liaison between advisors at Buckingham and BAM ALLIANCE member firms and the trading desks at account custodians for trading-related inquiries. He is responsible for certain fixed income operations and assists BAM’s fixed income trading team.

Prior to joining the firm in 2007, Mark was a loan officer and loan processor for Nexstar/Bank of America. His duties there included originating, processing and closing mortgage loans.

Mark earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration, with a dual major in finance and economics, from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2001.

He grew up in Chesterfield, Mo., where he now lives. He and his wife have one child.

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