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Jeff McGovern

Jeff McGovern

Director of Transactions

As Director of Transactions, Jeff McGovern assists advisors at BAM ALLIANCE member firms who are interested in exploring succession planning and joining forces with other firms, so that they can provide growth and continuity for their businesses, their clients and their families.

He is energized by knowing he works alongside and learns from a group of intelligent, committed and passionate people who share a singular commitment to helping investors make smarter financial decisions.

Jeff also helps lead and execute due diligence and integration efforts related to advisors and firms interested in becoming part of Buckingham.

He joined BAM Advisor Services in 2007 and has been a part of its data operations and fixed income teams. Prior to that, Jeff worked as a research associate for Rockwood Investment Partners Advisors, LP in Dallas.

Jeff holds an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. He received a bachelor’s of business administration in finance and a bachelor’s of arts in markets and culture from Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

Jeff and his wife, Anne, live in Kirkwood, Mo.

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