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Jared Hoffman

Jared Hoffman

Managing Director, Advisor Services

As Managing Director of Advisor Services, Jared Hoffman is energized by the ever-changing challenges and opportunities he and his team face as they work to be a resource for BAM ALLIANCE member firms and other departments throughout the organization.

Jared helps advance BAM Advisor Services’ strategic plan by collaborating on internal and external technology rollouts, improving internal best practices through training and development opportunities, and acting as a resource for projects and initiatives of all sizes to improve member firms’ overall client experience.

His easy-going nature and eye for detail make him a key partner for member firms seeking to keep their back-office operations running smoothly. He is a successful partner for team leaders throughout the BAM ALLIANCE, and he relishes the opportunity to help others succeed in their roles.

Jared joined BAM Advisor Services in 2004. Prior to that, he worked with Major League Baseball in St. Louis.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Indiana University in Bloomington.

A huge sports fan, Jared is a season ticket holder for the St. Louis Cardinals and Blues. When not in the bleachers, you can find him bass fishing. He lives in Maryland Heights, Mo., with his border terrier, Indy.

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