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Bob Gellman

Bob Gellman

Wealth Advisor

With relationships based on trust and the spirit of collaboration Buckingham wealth advisor Bob Gellman enjoys with both his clients and his associates reminds him every day of the greatest parts of working at his family business, which he did for nearly 30 years prior to joining Buckingham. Bob is also a practice development advisor for BAMAdvisor Services.

Bob served as vice president of McKinley Iron, Inc. He was involved in McKinley’s financial and business concerns, serving as manager of all non-ferrous metals operations and directing its brokerage and commodities position on major exchange markets. He served as a director of the St. Louis Chapter of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, the industry’s national trade association. As president and founding member of Recycle Missouri, he represented Missouri’s recycling industry before the state legislature. He was a client of Buckingham’s prior to joining the firm and brings a distinct combination of perspectives as an investment advisor, business leader and individual investor.

Outside of the office, Bob Gellman and his wife are involved in numerous charities and nonprofit organizations and are avid supporters of their alma mater, the University of Wisconsin, where they are members of the Bascom Hill Society and recently endowed an academic scholarship on campus.

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