A Strong History of Success

BAM Advisor Services started in 1997 as an extension of Buckingham Strategic Wealth, an independent RIA headquartered in St. Louis, MO.

The experience, innovation, and commitment to an unrivaled client experience at Buckingham Strategic Wealth fostered the creation of BAM. The founders of Buckingham saw how the methods they developed over time would benefit other advisors and clients in the financial industry. They were determined to build on the success of Buckingham, and use their experience to help other firms be better connected, better informed, and ultimately, more successful organizations.

The values upon which Buckingham was founded continue to guide the work of BAM Advisor Services and drives our commitment to helping improve the lives of everyone we serve. Hear more about how our people and purpose truly set us apart:

BAM’s mutually beneficial learning and growth partnership with Buckingham allowed us to operate a living laboratory and create a database of tested best practices for firms that we continue to develop today. From the start, armed with the resources and tools to help advisors secure and service larger, more lucrative clients, BAM partnered with CPA firms interested in starting a wealth management practice as well as existing advisors looking to take their firm to the next level. By connecting advisors to successful peers, operational strategists, thought leaders and investment professionals, BAM developed a formula to help them grow their day-to-day business.

bam-alliance-homeToday, the firms that partner with BAM Advisor Services are known as the BAM ALLIANCE, a community of more than 140 like-minded, independent wealth management firms that collectively manage or administer more than $27.7 billion (as of December 31, 2016) on behalf of individuals, families, healthcare organizations, institutions, nonprofits and retirement plans.

A Foundation for Your Firm Based in Evidence

In investing, there’s always risk. But we help you make decisions for your clients based on decades of unbiased, peer-reviewed financial research to help reduce the volatility they face.

Our philosophy is heavily influenced by the Nobel Prize-winning work of Eugene Fama. Fama’s work since the 1970s focuses on the central idea that markets are naturally efficient. Practically speaking, it means by the time your clients hear news about a stock or fund, it’s very likely the news has already been factored into the price and, therefore, any advantage of knowing that news has effectively been eliminated. Investment plans based on historical, observable market behaviors and prices take the emotion out of the equation – and can lead to steadier, more predictable results for your clients over the long term.

BAM’s dedicated Investment Policy Committee constantly reviews the latest financial journals and published works to help ensure that your advice is based on real evidence and that your clients’ assets are in the right place. Our approach helps you minimize client costs, diversify their portfolios and build effective tax strategies. We help you show clients how to only take on the risk they need to achieve their financial goals.

Essentially, our investment strategy brings logic, transparency and simplicity to your client advice. This information helps clients focus on the things they can control, and ignore things they can’t.

Our Alliances

BAM has multiple, long-term strategic alliances to support our firms and their clients.

Custodians – Our community represents more than $27 billion in assets, and over time we’ve created deep-rooted relationships with many of the world’s top custodians. By partnering with BAM, you benefit from these relationships by plugging in to efficiencies and fee structures that are generally hard for individual firms to achieve. These companies include:

  • Charles Schwab Advisor Services
  • Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services
  • TD Ameritrade Institutional

Ascendant Compliance Management – Ascendant partners with BAM to provide a customized compliance solution exclusively designed and tailored for BAM Advisor firms. Ascendant’s service offerings deliver solutions that allow firms to leverage their valuable time to build their advisory practices faster and more efficiently in an ever-changing regulatory environment. All compliance service offerings are coordinated with BAM and are substantially discounted from Ascendant’s normal service offerings based on the unique, strategic relationship with BAM.

inStream – inStream is a cloud-based financial planning and wealth management platform provided to all advisors on the BAM Advisor Services platforms in 2015. inStream provides a variety of practice management tools aimed at helping advisors scale their practice including retirement sufficiency calculations and Monte Carlo projections, as well as social security planning, mindmaps and savings-rates calculations.

First Element Insurance Planners (FEIP) – FEIP partners with BAM to provide consistent, objective risk management expertise that allows firms in the BAM ALLIANCE to deliver guidance on their clients’ risk management and insurance needs.

American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) – Founded in 1887, the AICPA is one of the largest national professional associations in the United States with more than 394,000 members in 128 countries. It sets ethical standards for accountants, and provides its members with the resources, information and leaderships that enable them to provide valuable services to their clients. The AICPA provides BAM ALLIANCE member firms an array of educational content through our professional development program. This includes conferences, webinars and teleconferences on advanced planning topics including estate planning, tax strategies and personal financial planning, to name a few.

Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) – The mission of Dimensional Fund Advisors is to deliver the performance of capital markets and increase returns through state-of-the-art portfolio design and trading in a low-cost, tax-efficient manner. Its investing model is guided by decades of research and based on what the science of capital markets demonstrates to be the most effective way to invest.

Bridgeway – Bridgeway’s philosophy is simple: put investors first – and improve the world while doing it. Their investment process is statistically driven and evidence-based, built around the fiduciary promise to act in clients’ best interest. That means keeping investment costs low while providing expertly designed investments options to clients. Of course, it goes deeper than that: Bridgeway also donates 50% of its profits to nonprofit organizations every year.

AQR – Founded in 1998, AQR Funds manages assets for the largest institutional investors in the US, Europe and Australia. AQR is the leading provider of alternative investments and broad spectrum, long-only funds. Their investment philosophy centers on a systematic process to control costs and manage risk, all grounded in solid economic principles.

Our People

When you partner with BAM, your firm is supported by a nationally recognized organization of nearly 200 people with experience servicing wealth advisory firms of all sizes. That’s what makes BAM the right choice. We bring years of experience and knowledge to help your firm go beyond the day-to-day and achieve real, sustainable growth.


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