Retirement Solutions

BAM understands that the 401(k) market is different than financial advising. So whether you are seasoned in the 401(k) space or brand new to it, the Retirement Solutions team—with over 50 years’ worth of experience— is here to support you. This turnkey offering provides a platform unmatched in the industry. As you pursue and service retirement plan relationships, we believe you can be more successful in this market by tapping into our expertise and utilizing our resources.

Conor Eastman, CRPS<sup>®</sup>, CPFA

Conor Eastman

Retirement Advisor

Brandon Laxton

Brandon Laxton

Retirement Solutions Associate

Matthew Pranschke, QKA, QPA, CPFA, ERPA

Matthew Pranschke

Retirement Advisor

Kristen Donovan, CPFA, QKA, AIF<sup>®</sup>

Kristen Donovan

Retirement Solutions Manager

Andy Kowal, CPFA

Andy Kowal

Retirement Solutions Specialist

David Shipp, QPA, QKA, ChFC<sup>®</sup>, CPFA

David Shipp

Retirement Advisor

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