Wendy Hartman

Wendy Hartman

Wealth Advisor

Wendy Hartman is a wealth advisor for Buckingham who specializes in collaborating with multigenerational families in order to help them meet their financial goals, preserve their legacy and pass on the values that made them successful to their future generations. It’s a trust she doesn’t take lightly, and watching her clients, their children and sometimes grandchild meet their financial goals is her biggest reward. Every day she collaborates with her Buckingham advisory team members, her clients and their outside advisor, acting as quarterback and making sure that every financial decision made is in the family’s best interest. She is also a practice development advisor for BAM Advisor Services.

She joined Buckingham in 2010, and prior to that was a strategic advisor with Enterprise Trust Company. She served as a portfolio analyst with First Banks, Inc. and an equity analyst with Bank of America Capital Management

She holds an MBA from Saint Louis University and a bachelor’s degree from Truman State University in Kirksville, Mo.

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